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Wrong Way Drivers

All drivers must follow traffic rules listed in the Texas statutes to ensure the safety of the general public. Some of these laws aren’t well-known or can be difficult to follow if you’re a new driver. However, most would never expect a driver to break one of the most vital traffic rules under Texas law, which is driving on the right way of the street or highway.

Wrong way drivers aren’t only breaking the law, they are putting nearly everyone in harms way. A wrong way driver can cause a head-on collision or even a car pile-up due to the fact other drivers are startled and have nowhere to go. Not only this, but most accidents involving a wrong way driver end in traumatic property damage and injuries. Many victims sustain brain and spinal injuries due to the brute force in the front of the car.

If you have been injured by a wrong way driver, it’s highly recommended you seek legal counsel with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Attorney for Wrong Way Accidents in Conroe, TX

When a car goes against the legal flow of traffic, it can be jarring for others. Since this is such unusual behavior other drivers may not have enough time to avoid an accident. Not to mention most wrong way accidents lead to devastating injuries. If you’ve been injured in a wrong way accident, it’s time you get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Overview of Wrong Way Accidents in Texas

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Wrong Way Accident Statistics in Texas

Most traffic officials and attorneys would claim that wrong way driving accidents where a vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction of traffic are some of the most deadly crashes on U.S. highways. The Federal Highway Administration reported that there are 300 to 400 people killed on average by wrong way drivers. Most were involved in a head-on collision or their vehicles were sideswiped at severely high speeds.

The International Institute of Insurance (III) recorded that there were 1,187 claims filed for accidents involving wrong way drivers. The statistics amounted up to 2.3 percent of all crashes. Although this is a low number, most wrong way drivers get involved in head-on collisions. The Institute discovered that head-on collisions make up 10.2 percent of all traffic fatalities.

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Common Causes for Driving the Wrong Way

Wrong way accidents should never occur if drivers take the proper precautions before driving. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It may seem preposterous, but it’s possible for a person to be so confused they unintentionally drive on the wrong side of the road.

Listed below are some possible causes for why someone may drive against the legal flow of traffic and become a wrong-way driver.

  • It’s late at night, dark, and the driver is unfamiliar with the area;
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI);
  • The driver is unable to read or doesn’t understand road signs;
  • Driving recklessly or violently without reason;
  • The driver has severe night vision issues or blindness;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Missing or stolen signs indicating it’s the legal flow of traffic;
  • Improperly gated and marked construction zones;
  • The driver loses control of the vehicle;
  • The driver has memory issues or suffers from senility;
  • The driver has mental issues that are interfering with rational thought;
  • Confusion regarding driving on one-way roads; and
  • Road dangers or hazards causing the driver to lose control

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Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

Wrong way drivers are blatantly disregarding traffic rules and putting others at risk. If you’ve been injured by a wrong-way driver, then you may be able to seek compensation for all the damages you’ve suffered. These damages can include both financial losses such as medical expenses and emotional losses such as mental anguish. The following are some damages you may possibly recover if you’re injured in a wrong way driving accident.

  • Medical expenses;
  • Rehabilitation costs;
  • Handicap installations;
  • Counseling;
  • Loss of wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of enjoyment for life; and
  • Loss of consortium

To receive the coverage you deserve, you must file a suit against the wrong-way driver. You can then hire an experienced attorney to assess the evidence and negotiate with adjusters to obtain a fair settlement. If issues arise, your attorney can even take the issue to civil court and you may be eligible for a monetary award.

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Additional Resources

Wrong Way Driving Statistics – Visit the official website for the U.S. Federal Highway Administration to learn more about wrong-way drivers. Access the site to learn statistics for wrong-way driving, how many are killed by wrong-way drivers each year and the resources and technical material used to gather this data.

Be Safe. Drive Smart. – Visit the official website for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to learn more about their year-long public education and awareness effort known as Be Safe, Drive Smart.  The campaign focuses on teaching others about aspects of safe driving, especially in work zones, the I;35 corridor and energy sectors. Visit the site to learn more about the program, safety tips to avoid an accident and more relevant information.

Accident Attorney for Wrong Way Drivers in Montgomery County, TX

The injuries associated with a wrong-way accident can be traumatic including brain injuries, disfigurement and even death. If you’ve suffered because of a wrong-way driver, then get the compensation you deserve to cover your losses. Call Evans & Powell, PLLC to learn how you can file a suit and qualify for a monetary award to compensate you for your damages.

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