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Synthetic Drugs

We normally associate drug convictions with illegal street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or marijuana. However, as scientific advancements develop, we have begun to see an increase to synthetic drug arrests. A synthetic drug is commonly referred to as a “designer drug” and it can be found in certain gas stations, convivence stores or through a seller. These substances are made with legal chemical compounds and mimic the mental effects of illicit drugs.

It was difficult for prosecutors to convict individuals for possessing, selling or manufacturing synthetic drugs in the past. However, in the year 2015 Texas legislators added numerous chemicals within synthetic drugs to the Controlled Substances Act. Thanks to this change, district attorneys can fully prosecute those who use synthetic drugs with harsh consequences.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a synthetic drug-related charge, it’s important you seek a criminal defense attorney.

Conroe Attorney for Synthetic Drugs in Texas

A synthetic drug can be deceiving to many users. Gas stations or other stores that aren’t following regulations may allow them in their stores with colorful branding so it can present itself as a legitimate product. It’s possible a person may purchase the item and be unaware of the effects the drug may do. No matter the consequences, it’s important you seek an experienced defense attorney if you’ve been charged with a synthetic drug-related crime.

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Overview of Synthetic Drugs in Texas

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Common Types of Synthetic Drugs Found in Texas

There are various synthetic drugs that imitate the effect of other illegal substances. One of the most common synthetic drugs are those that mimic marijuana also known as synthetic cannabinoids. Many refer to this synthetic marijuana as “spice” or “incense.” These substances are marked as “not safe for human consumption,” however many people will inhale them through a pipe or rolled papers to achieve a short light hallucinogenic feeling.

Some popular brands of synthetic cannabinoids include:

  • King Cobra;
  • Bombay Blue;
  • Red Magic;
  • 8-Ball;
  • Kush
  • K2;
  • Daisy Potpourri;
  • California Dreams;
  • Zero Gravity;
  • Dead Man Walking;
  • Atomic Bomb;
  • Zoom;
  • Nice Guy;
  • Ultra;
  • Kronic; and
  • Head Trip

Another common synthetic drug is called a synthetic cathinone, which are made with unregulated research chemicals. These substances create the same euphoric effect as other illegal substances including ecstasy, MDMA, Molly and cocaine.

Some popular synthetic cathinones include, but are not limited to:

  • Ocean Snow;
  • Scarface;
  • Pure Ivory;
  • Hurricane Charlie;
  • Stardust;
  • Bloom;
  • White Lightning;
  • Vanilla Sky;
  • Ivory Wave;
  • Cloud Nine;
  • Lunar Wave;
  • Purple Sky;
  • Blue Silk;
  • Meow Meow;
  • White Night;
  • Snow Leopard;
  • Ocean burst; and
  • Sextasy

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Penalties for Possessing Synthetic Drugs in Texas

Texas categorizes drugs with a similar chemical structure under Penalty Group 1, 1-A, 2 or 2-A. All of these penalty groups are associated with serious high-risk drugs and can result in serious statutory penalties. Due to their high risk for addiction, the state of Texas has decided to implement these harsh consequences to deter others from using synthetic drugs.

The following chart lists the maximum penalties for possessing synthetic drugs.


Amount Possessed


Jail or Prison Time



2 ounces or lessClass B Misdemeanor180 days in jail$2,000
2 ounces to 4 ouncesClass A Misdemeanor12 months in jail$4,000
4 ounces to 5 poundsState Jail Felony24 months in jail$10,000
5 pounds to 50 poundsThird-Degree Felony10 years in prison$10,000
50 pounds to 2,000 poundsSecond-Degree Felony20 years in prison$10,000
More than 2,000 poundsFirst-Degree FelonyLife imprisonment, with a minimum of 5 years.$50,000


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Penalties in Texas for Selling or Manufacturing Synthetic Drugs

When law enforcement finds many synthetic drugs on a person, they could enhance the charges to manufacture or sale or illicit substances. Other factors that could lead to a synthetic drug delivery or manufacturing charge include the presence of drug paraphernalia such as scales or baggies or having a large amount of people walking in and out of your home.

The following chart is the maximum penalties for those convicted for possession with intent to distribute, delivering, or manufacturing synthetic drugs.


Amount Possessed


Jail or Prison Time



Less than 1 gramState Jail Felony24 months in jail$10,000
1 gram to 4 gramsSecond-Degree Felony20 years in prison$10,000
4 grams to 400 gramsFirst-Degree FelonyLife imprisonment, with a minimum of 5 years.$10,000
400 grams or moreFirst-Degree FelonyLife imprisonment, with a minimum of 10 years.$100,000


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Additional Resources

Texas Synthetic Drug Laws – Visit the official website for Texas laws and legislation, and find more information surrounding possession offenses, delivery or manufacture offenses, and which drugs are in which Penalty Group.

Synthetic Drugs – Visit the official website for Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas. Find more information surrounding synthetic drug offenses and statistics, answers to frequently asked questions, and resources for those struggling with synthetic drug addictions.

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Defense Lawyer for Synthetic Drug Charges in Montgomery County, Texas

If you or someone you know has been charged with synthetic drug-related charges, it’s vital you gain trusted legal counsel. These cases can be tricky, so you want to hire someone with experience in this field. We advise you to call Evans & Powell, PLLC to set up your first consultation with a trusted criminal defense lawyer.

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